Some families ask whether it is possible to donate one’s body to science. The University of Queensland (School of Biomedical Science) offers a Body Donor Program in which individuals may do this. You must apply to become a donor prior to your death by registering your interest through UQ’s Body Donor Program Coordinator. Please note that not everyone is accepted, depending upon criteria set out by the University of Queensland.

Whilst the body of the deceased must be transported promptly to the University following death, families often need to still have a time of reflection and remembrance which a traditional funeral service provided. Therefore it is possible to have a funeral or memorial service without the deceased present, and our staff can arrange and conduct this service for family as normal. Our staff are available 24 hours on (07) 3812 4000.

For more detailed information on the Body Donor Program or to register your interest with the University of Queensland, please click here to be directed to their website.