Our goal at Sylvan Funerals is to help families plan a beautiful tribute to a life that has been important to them while also keeping funeral costs within their means.  Our commitment to you is that you only pay for services that you have deemed valuable and necessary.  Below we have provided some tips on how you can reduce funeral costs.

Funeral Expenses can be divided into two main categories; Funeral Director Fees (eg: Service Fee, Transfer Fee if any and Coffin/Casket) and Funeral Disbursement Costs.

Funeral Director Fees – can they be reduced?

If you do not require any form of ceremony, or perhaps you wish to personally arrange a Memorial Service at a later date, you could select a direct committal service. This type of service refers to the funeral director delivering your loved one to the crematorium/cemetery privately, with no mourners in attendance. Potential Saving (Approx) $1,000

Coffin Choice – How much should be spent?

Coffin selection is a very personal decision. We will provide you with a wide range of coffin options and assist you to make the choice that is appropriate for your family. The cost of a suitable coffin can be below $1000. To view our standard range of coffins,click here.

Burial or Cremation. Is there a major cost difference?

In most major cemeteries, the cost of purchasing a lawn cemetery plot, interment fee and plaque will always cost more than a cremation fee.

The difference could easily be as much as $2,500 more for the burial option. If required, we can provide cost comparisons on all cemetery and cremation options available to you. Please contact us. Potential Saving (Approx) $2,500 (if selecting Cremation over Burial)

Funeral Notices, are they a requirement?

Most families decide to place a notice in their local or national paper, however a notice in the paper is not compulsory. The cost of a funeral notice varies between newspapers and is calculated according to the number of words. As a guide, we recommend an allowance of $350 for most large, daily newspapers for a standard length notice. If there are only a small number of family and friends to contact, other options such as the personal approach or social media would be more cost effective. Potential Saving (Approx) $350

Is an organist required?

You may choose to have CD music played as people arrive, and as they leave the church/chapel. Should you require assistance accessing certain tracks, we have a large music library to select from or we can source the specific track on your behalf.Potential Saving $55-99

Order of Service Booklets – Can I prepare my own?

Yes. If you have allowed yourself time and you have access to a computer and printer, you may prepare your own service sheets. If you are including an order of service it is advisable to allow your clergy or celebrant to check a proof before hitting the print button. You should also seek advice to ensure you do not infringe copyright laws.  If you feel this task is too much at this time, we have an in-house design and printing service to create your service booklets.  Potential Saving (Approx) $250 (based on 80 booklets)

Floral Tributes – Can I arrange myself?

Yes. You may have a favourite florist or have a close friend or family member who has a flare for floristry who may be able to prepare a floral tribute to be placed on top of the coffin. Potential Saving (Approx) $150-200

Catering Costs – what should be allowed?

The wake or gathering after the funeral can be a very beneficial time. You can engage professional caterers who may also provide the venue, or you may choose to invite family & friends to your home. Alternatively friends at this time are always looking for practical ways to show their care. If a friend can coordinate the catering needs on your behalf then there is a potential saving in this area.  Potential Saving (Approx) $480-600 (Based on 40 people)

Is there a discount for early settlement of the account?

Yes. At Sylvan Funerals a discount is offered to families who are able to settle the account prior to the funeral, or within the agreed time period stated on the funeral account. Potential Saving $220

What are Compassionate Airfares?

Most major airlines will offer “compassionate airfares” for family that are travelling by air to attend a funeral.  When booking airline tickets, state that you are seeking a compassionate airfare for travel to a funeral. They will require verification by fax from the Funeral Director. Contact us with the flight details and direct fax number and we will forward the necessary verification on your behalf.


We have outlined more than $4000 worth of savings, but because everyone’s needs and requirements are individual no one family will save that entire amount.  Our goal is to support families and to allow them to be in control when planning a funeral. This ensures you only pay for services that are valuable and personal to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our suggestions and we trust it has been helpful to you. Should you wish to discuss your personal funeral needs, a meeting in your home or at our office can be arranged without obligation by contacting us on (07) 3812 4000 or filling out our Enquiry Form.