Cremation is a popular choice in Australia, with over 60% of people opting to be cremated. At Sylvan Funerals our compassionate, family focused team will meet with you to discuss your options, and carefully attend to each aspect in organizing a cremation service. Whether it is a Complete Celebration Service, Church Service, Memorial Service or a Private Cremation Service, we are here to support and assist.

How much does a Cremation Service cost?

The cost of a Cremation Service is depends on the type of service and particular requests for the service. As a guide, a Private Cremation Service you would expect to be under $3,000, while a full service cremation starts from $4,895.

For an accurate fee proposal, please contact us or complete an online quote request form

Do I need to purchase an urn?

Upon completion of the cremation the ashes are placed in a rectangular container made from a plastic material. You would keep the ashes in this container if they are being placed in a memorial site, niche wall or cemetery garden. If you are travelling overseas we would recommend you travel with the ashes in the container provided by the crematorium as all the identification is on this.

If you are keeping the cremated remains at home you may prefer to purchase an urn or if you are scattering the ashes you may wish to purchase a scattering tube or biodegradable urn.

Can we view the cremation?

Viewing the coffin or casket being inserted into the cremator is generally for religious or cultural beliefs, however you may wish to witness this process for a more personal reason. If you do wish to witness this process, you must let us know so that we can make the viewing arrangements with the crematorium of choice. Please note that there are generally additional fees charged by the crematorium to accommodate this service.

Do I need to hold a Funeral Service?

This is a personal choice. Rather than hold a traditional funeral, you may prefer a Private Cremation, complimented with a Memorial Service (no coffin present) which may be held at our chapel, church or perhaps the backyard of the family home.

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