Within the Ipswich region, there are a number of cemetery and memorial gardens options. These cemetery locations are:

  • Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery (Willowbank)
  • Ipswich General Cemetery
  • Stone Quarry Cemetery
  • Haigslea Lawn Cemetery
  • Tallegalla Cemetery
  • Manson Park Cemetery

Cemetery Options & Cremation Options

There are two general burial options available within the various Ipswich cemeteries and these options include:

  • Lawn (including Lawn Beam) Burial Sites, available at Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery, Haigslea Cemetery, Stone Quarry Cemetery and Tallegalla Cemetery.
  • Monumental Burial Sites which are available at all cemeteries, except Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery.

In May 2016 within the grounds of Warrill Park a chapel and catering room, along with a crematorium facilities was built. The chapel facility features modern AV system for photo presentations, music and video, along with Tea Rooms for after service catering.

Cremation Ashes memorialisation options include:

  • Ashes Garden Sites
  • Ashes Collumbarium Niche sites
  • Cremation Services
  • Ashes Rose Garden Sites

For organising a burial or cremation service this is to be arranged through the funeral director and we can step you through the process by making an appointment calling (07) 3812 4000

For any plaque or monumental enquires these are handled by Ipswich Cemeteries directly.

When planning a cremation or burial service in the Ipswich region, our staff will discuss your options on what venues are available. We will also discuss the service format whether it be a church service, chapel service or a simple graveside or private service. We can be contacted 24 hours on (07) 3812 4000.