Burial may be seen as a more traditional option, however once again comes down to personal preference. A burial is where the coffin or casket is lowered into a burial plot, and the gravesite is covered with soil once the funeral service is over. In the case of a vault burial or crypt, the site is not covered with soil, but rather sealed. For a burial service you will need to decide on a coffin or casket, and the preferred location of the burial plot. We can assist you in making the arrangements to purchase a new gravesite, unless a burial plot was purchased in advance in which case the burial will take place at the existing or reserved gravesite.

How much does a Burial Service cost?

The cost of a Burial Service can vary greatly, as the cost of a burial plot can vary greatly between cemeteries depending on their location and gravesite type. As a guide, a Burial Service costs from $4,295, plus the cost of the burial site.

For an accurate fee proposal, please contact us or complete an online quote request form.

Does family need to attend the Burial?

This is a personal choice. You may decide to not attend the graveside burial which may follow a Church Service or Chapel Service. In this instance, our funeral directors will attend to the burial while you remain at the service venue with guests or gather with guests at the wake for refreshments.

How do I arrange a Plaque or Monument Gravestone?

Depending on the cemetery, the cemetery office will generally mail out information relating to arranging a plaque or monument gravestone following the service. Some smaller cemeteries don’t offer monumental services, in which case you will need to engage the services of a Monumental Mason.

We work closely with our private monumental mason, so speak to us about our Monumental Work options.

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