Traditional Radiance Urn


Material: Brass (Metal)

Large: 26.9cm x 16cm (3.44 Litres)

Medium: 21.6cm x 14.2cm (2.1 Litres)

Small: 17.3cm x 12.2cm (1.3 Litres)

Keepsake: 6.1cm x 4.3cm (0.1 Litres)

Heart Keepsake: 7.4cm x 6.9cm (0.08 Litres)


The Traditional Urn Series features ornate engraving. Each style is available in size sizes/styles: Large, Keepsake Urn & a Heart Keepsake

Brass Materials, with a threaded lid opening to access ashes chamber

Terrybear Urns designs beautiful and affordable urns that families have come to know and appreciate. Each urn is individually handled; there is no mass production, meaning each urn is uniquely made.

Terrybear brass urns are crafted by hand using a sandcasting process that is hundreds of years old. Depending on the design, an urn may go through as many as seven processed before inspection and packaging.



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