Soul Birds Male Urn


Size: 8″ high

Capacity: 2.46L

Materials: Brass

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Soul Bird™ Male Urn is a beautiful choice to preserve the remains of a loved one. Hand Hammered Alloy with Midnight Finish add timeless beauty to this urn. Protected by GlossCoat™ technology. Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®. If put together with Female version, they form a perfect Companion Urn. Both are Separate Urns and can be used as Companion Urns.

Size: 8″ high, Capacity: 2.46L

Available in a Large and a Keepsake size. To order as a keepsake, please visit the keepsake products section. 

All LoveUrns products are produced in associated factories, where workers and artisans take pride in what they do. Each product is lovingly crafted, engraved, hand polished and packed. We are proud to be associated with such artisans and other workers. It is their dedication and passion for their work that gives us that ability to bring to you, LoveUrns – Handcrafted with Love.


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