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Art Deco Keepsake Urn


Size: 7.6cm

Capacity: 0.05 Litres

Materials: Brass

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The Art Deco Urn Series are a beautiful choice to preserve the remains of a loved one. The Silver Finish adds a timeless beauty to this urn. Protected by GlossCoat™ technology. Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®. Available in a Large, Keepsake, and a Tealight Urn. To order as a Tealight, please visit the tealight products section. 

Made of Brass materials

Black is around the rim of urn only; vertical lines seen are only a reflection.

All LoveUrns products are produced in associated factories, where workers and artisans take pride in what they do. Each product is lovingly crafted, engraved, hand polished and packed. We are proud to be associated with such artisans and other workers. It is their dedication and passion for their work that gives us that ability to bring to you, LoveUrns – Handcrafted with Love.


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