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Serenity Dolphin Urn


Material: Biodegradable recycled kraft paper

Size: 32.4cm x 26.0cm (4.26 Litres)



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The Passages Biodegradable Serenity urns are crafted by hand from recycled kraft paper.  No glue is required to seal the urns, instead each securely closes using a leather cord. Convenient and discreet carrying case included.

Size: 32.4cm x 26.0cm / Capacity: 4.26 Litres

When placed in water they will float briefly and then sink to the bottom where they break down naturally over time.

Inc. biodegradable plastic bag to contain cremains

The Passages range offers environmentally friendly and innovative choices when it comes to creating a meaningful farewell for your loved one. These specially selected products are designed to be part of a ritual which will bring you comfort while aligning with your values.



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