Embrace Autumn Leaves Earthurns Urn


Material: Renewable & Sustainable Materials

Large: 21.6cm x 21.6cm x 12.7cm (3.77 Litres)

Keepsake: 10.8cm x 10.8cm x 6.4cm (0.65 Litres)


The Embrace Earthurns Series features two styles with each displaying a unique graphic. Each urn has been hand crafted from sustainable and renewable resources, and is biodegradable when buried in the earth or recycled after use. Includes a biodegradable plastic bag to contain cremains inside of urn.

Available in two sizes: Large Urn, & a Keepsake Urn

Materials: Renewable & Sustainable resources

The Passages range offers environmentally friendly and innovative choices when it comes to creating a meaningful farewell for your loved one. These specially selected products are designed to be part of a ritual which will bring you comfort while aligning with your values.

If multiple family members or loved ones want to participate in scattering, or create their own small memorials, the keepsake urns allow these options. 



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