There are many advantages in planning ahead – relieving some of the emotional stress on your family, as well as reducing the financial burden the cost of a funeral will present to your family. Perhaps most importantly, planning ahead gives you the opportunity to create a very personal and meaningful funeral ceremony for yourself – one that reflects who you are and what was significant to you throughout your life.

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Pre-plan Your Funeral

At a Prearrangement Meeting, our staff will guide you through all options and outline the costs involved so that you can design a funeral service reflecting your wishes. We will then record these details in a formal letter of prearrangement that we recommend you share with your next of kin, family and ultimately the person who you feel is most likely to take responsibilities for following through with your wishes when the time comes.

Prepaid Funeral Cover

Making provision to cover Funeral Expenses in equally important when preplanning a funeral. It helps reduce the financial burden to your loved ones by having funds set aside to cover the expenses.

As agents of Sureplan Friendly Society, we offer two Funeral Cover options:

Funeral Bond (Savings Plan)

Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond is a funeral savings fund, where you can either make a lump sum investment or monthly payments into your Funeral Bond.

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Family Fund (Insurance)

Sureplan Family Fund is an insurance option that is suitable for most people under the age of 56. The benefit of this option over other insurances is that premiums are only payable until 60 years of age.

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Important Considerations

  • Location of Service: Funeral Home Chapel; Crematorium or Cemetery Chapel; Church; Graveside; a place of significance
  • Style of funeral you prefer: Celebration of life; Religious Service; Memorial (no coffin present); Private Family Service; or no service.
  • Decide on Burial or Cremation
  • Consider options for Coffin or Casket choice
  • Flowers on your coffin

Please feel free to call us and speak with one of our friendly funeral consultants for further information on any of our services or to request a free no obligation package or quote

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